T&L Newsletter | December 2020
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Dear All, 

We’ve finally made it to the end of 2020. What a year this has been. It’s been clear from our conversations with students, instructors and staff that this has been a uniquely trying year and the coming break couldn’t start soon enough. We’ve heard from students that their courses for the most part shifted online quite capably. The missing piece for some students is the interactivity, engagement and community they’ve come to expect in the Schulich classroom. We’ve heard from instructors that this shift online has taken much time and creativity. Most questions we’re fielding now have to do with redesigning assessments for the online environment. For the last newsletter of 2020 we’ve assembled posts focused on online assessment and engagement that we hope will answer some of the questions you’ve been grappling with as you finalize your W2021 courses.

Wishing you all a well-deserved restful holiday season!

Featured T&L Posts

Going Deeper with Online Assessments
Assessment is a key component of any curriculum design and serves to drive student learning. By going deeper with your understanding of assessment concepts and principles, you will be able to minimize academic honesty concerns while assessing student achievement of your learning outcomes.

Assessment Design in the Online Classroom with Alex Fisher
Transitioning to the remote learning environment from face-to-face has raised some challenges, but also offered a unique opportunity to look closer into overall course improvement. Alex Fisher shares some personal examples and considerations for redesigning your assessments for the online environment, inspired through personal experience as well as input from multiple sources in our Schulich community.

Creating Meaningful Engagement in Synchronous Lectures
One of the biggest challenges with the move online has been to recreate the excitement and engagement of a face-to-face Schulich class. View a range of strategies, tools, and approaches that our instructors have successfully utilized in pivoting their interactive activities to their online classrooms.

Preparing for Remote Course Delivery in Winter 2021
The University has communicated an extension of the teaching format for the Fall 2020 term into the Winter 2021 term. To summarize: The default for the Winter term will be remote delivery. There will be very few exceptions. Plan on delivering your course fully remotely in Winter with the help of our CITE team and Schulich Online Course Design Guide.

Popular Learning Tools

Customizing the Look and Feel of Your Course
Use ‘Design Tools’ in Canvas to create and style the content of your course pages, assignments, announcements, syllabus, discussion descriptions, and quiz descriptions. With Design Tools, you can be creative when creating and editing content.

Building a Culture of Honesty
In the Fall 2018 term, Schulich School of Business launched the introductory ‘Academic Honesty’ Canvas course for all incoming first-year students. The course includes 5 interactive modules, each exploring a unique academic honesty scenario, designed to communicate expectations regarding academic honesty at Schulich.

Enabling Small Group Discussion Online Using Breakout Rooms in Zoom
View additional tips and animated examples on including Breakout Rooms in your course. Use Break Out rooms to enhance collaboration and facilitate discussion within a class by splitting off students into smaller groups within a Zoom call.

Sharing Interactive Videos with Echo360
Echo360 is an interactive educational video platform integrated into Canvas. Learn more about how it can be used to actively engage students with your video content.

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Learning Tools: Quick Tips

Canvas Quick Tip: How to Update All Course Dates at Once with the Multi Tool
Need to quickly modify the dates of your Canvas overview pages, assignments, quizzes, and discussions? Rather than updating each individually, save yourself a lot of time and use the Multi-Tool to update all relevant dates and times in one go!

Adding Security to your Lectures
With evidence of instances of “Zoom bombing”, where uninvited individuals are joining Zoom meetings and sharing inappropriate content or acting disruptively, you may wish to review updated Zoom security recommendations from the IS&T department to reduce the chances of this happening during your lectures.

Enhancing Module Navigation
As instructors add more asynchronous elements to their courses, they may find the native Canvas navigation too limiting. Using Design Tools, you can enhance a student’s experience when navigating a course’s modules in Canvas.

Using Question Groups to Randomize Quiz Content
When administering a quiz in Canvas, you can use Question Groups to create pools of questions, and specify the number of questions for Canvas to randomly choose from.

Reviewing Student Engagement in Echo360
Some instructors use asynchronous videos to present content prior to their lectures to better understand where students need more attention based on analytics and feedback. Echo360 allows students to take notes, ask & respond to questions, answer polls, and flag confusing segments. Even better, Echo360 tracks all of this data for you to review.

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Upcoming T&L Events

Join a Teaching Online Training Session or Workshop: We’ve recently completed re-designing and scheduling our training sessions to prepare for the upcoming Winter term. We have a four-part Teaching Online Series, Drop-In Sessions, as well as SCTE Webinars and Workshops.

Teaching Online / Remotely Q&A Drop-In Sessions
The Schulich IS&T department is hosting weekly drop-in sessions for instructors and staff who have questions about our online learning tools. Join these sessions to ask an expert at Schulich your questions related to technologies you will use when teaching online / remotely.

Part 1 – Teaching Online: Setting Up Your Course on Canvas and Zoom
Learn how to use Canvas to share files, links, and your course syllabus with your class. Learn about the basics on how to use Zoom and set up your course meetings.

Part 2 – Teaching Online: Designing and Delivering Online Lectures
Learn about the different ways you can host course lectures during an online semester. Session will cover real-time lectures, recorded lectures, and the different tools available to create lecture content.

Part 3 – Teaching Online: Learning Activities & Assessments
Learn about the variety of assessments and learning activities you can use in your course during an online semester; Assignments, quizzes, discussions, and interactive Zoom tools.

Part 4 – Teaching Online: Communication, Grading, and Feedback
Learn about encouraging communication and providing feedback during an online course; Messaging in Canvas, grading techniques, using Turnitin, collecting anonymous feedback with Qualtrics.

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