Academic & Administrative Governance

Academically, Schulich’s Faculty Council sanctions all academic matters at the School and submits its decisions to Senate for final approval, whenever appropriate. Proposals typically originate from faculty members or program proponents (e.g., chairs of program committees who, at Schulich, typically are program directors) and are first deliberated and voted on at program committee meetings. Approved proposals are forwarded to Executive Committee, which controls the agenda for Faculty Council.

Internal to Schulich, the school’s superior academic and administrative officer is the Dean. Administratively, the Dean is aided by his staff and various departments, including the Executive Office, Student Services & International Relations, the Career Development Centre and Alumni & Development. Two committees support the Dean — Operating Committee, which debates organizational and academic resource questions such as the hiring of faculty members, and Management Committee, which provides a sounding board for sensitive matters such as Merit reviews or strategic issues.

The dean is also supported by two Associate Deans – the Associate Dean Research and the Associate Dean Academic. The former supports the faculty’s research efforts, the latter anything related to teaching and learning (please see organizational chart). The Associate Dean Academic collaborates with the programs directors and area/specialization coordinators to ensure seamless operations and innovation. He/she also collaborates with Student Services & International Relations, which is the administrative arm of the academic system focused on managing admissions and servicing students.

Note: As of Nov 2020, changes in the governance structure require relevant proposals to be sent directly to Senate instead of FGS.