Supporting Students with Schulich’s Culture of Integrity

At the start of every term, all new students at the undergraduate and graduate levels take part in a variety of orientation sessions and activities, one of which centres on introducing students to Schulich’s Culture of Integrity.

As Associate Dean Academic (ADA), I understand the challenges instructors face in the classroom related to upholding this culture. As faculty are often the first to notice or interact with a student experiencing challenges, I encourage you to familiarize yourself with the resources available to students, as well as where you can direct students to if they are in need of assistance.

Please connect with the Director of Student and Enrolment Services (Luba Pan) if you have any questions or are unsure how to proceed. Thank you for continuing to support our students in fostering a culture of integrity at Schulich.

Kevin Tasa, ADA

The Culture of Integrity at Schulich is built on four pillars:

Pillar #1
A Culture of
Academic Honesty

Pillar #2
A Culture of Inclusion

Pillar #3
A Culture of Respect

Pillar #4
A Culture of Wellness

Four Pillars of Culture of Integrity