The grade appeal form may be accessed here.

Grounds for Appeal

A student may appeal to the Schulich Appeals Officer (the Associate Dean Academic, or in his/her absence, the Director of the student’s degree program) to have a grade changed on the following grounds only:

  1. A clerical error has resulted in a miscalculation of the grade.
  2. A computational grade awarded did not fairly reflect the student’s academic performance according to the grading system used by the instructor.

In the case of (2), the student needs to submit as part of the appeal a compelling argument why she/he thinks the grading is wrong or, if grading is relative in the course or assignment under dispute, inconsistent with that of his/her peers.

Procedures for Appeal

Students should first attempt to resolve the appeal informally with the instructor who may at that time alter the grade. If a further appeal is required, the following procedure must be followed:

  1. A formal written appeal must be made to the Schulich Appeals Officer by the above deadlines via the online grade appeal form. The appeal needs to address why the attempt to resolve the issue with the instructor has not been successful.
  2. The Appeals Officer will assure that there has been an attempt to resolve the issue informally, obtaining agreement of the instructor and student. If agreement is obtained, the Appeals Officer shall advise both parties in writing. The instructor will then establish the agreed upon grade and the appeal will terminate.
  3. If (2) above is unsuccessful, the following occurs:
    1. The Appeals Officer is empowered to require submission of all relevant documents including, final examination, term examinations, home- work assignments, reports, papers and the instructor’s grade books, as well as other documents identified as pertaining to the student’s grade. Instructors are required to retain all such documents not returned to the student for a period of one Fall or Winter Term after the end of any course’s active term. The Appeals Officer, student and instructor shall be allowed access to all such documents pertaining to the student’s grades.
    2. The Appeals Officer is authorized to request assistance in appraisal of these documents. Normally the request will be made to the coordinator of the area in which the course was taught or the coordinator’s representative, before other individuals are consulted. The instructor and student may be given access to such appraisals upon request.
    3. The Appeals Officer will prepare a written decision on the appeal. The decision may be to retain, to raise, or to lower the student’s grade. Substantial and convincing evidence of grading error must be shown for the grade to be changed.
  4. The student will be notified of the decision by registered mail, email, or other form of confirmed delivery. A copy of the correspondence will be sent to the instructor, and the Schulich Records & Promotions Assistant will be notified of the grade change, if applicable.


A formal written appeal must be made to the Schulich Appeals Officer prior to:

  •  February 15 for the Fall session
  •  June 15 for the Winter session, and
  •  September 30 for the Summer session

As only one appeal per course will be accepted, students are advised to wait until they have received all of their marks for a course before submitting. Students who have not received all course marks at the time of the relevant deadline should contact to discuss the possibility of an extension.

Late Grade Reappraisal

Appeals for late grade reappraisals (past the deadline date) should be directed to appeal shall contain a compelling argument for and evidence of extenuating circumstances that prevented the student from appealing on time. In the case of denial, an appeal may be made to the Schulich Executive Committee.

Appealing the Decision of an Appeals Officer

The student or the instructor may apply for leave to appeal the decision of the Appeals Officer to the Executive Committee of the Schulich Faculty Council within four-teen (14) calendar days of receipt of the registered letter containing the appeal decision. Please see FAQs: Appeals for more information.

Grade Appeals Form