Curricular Development at Schulich

In the face of an evolving educational landscape, curriculum development/redesign are essential to ensuring that courses and programs stay current. The guidelines and procedures outlined within these pages are intended to support the review and approval process with respect to curriculum development, from changes to existing courses to the development of new programs.

Overview of Governance Process for Program and Course Changes at Schulich

The initial review and approval of proposals for new courses, changes to existing courses, and changes to program, certificate, or diploma academic requirements (including admission requirements) begins at the program level, in accordance with program procedures. Once approved at the program level, these proposals move forward through the relevant committees as outlined in the figure below. Please note that any changes and/or additions pertaining to core courses or programs must be approved by Senate; whereas changes and/or additions pertaining to electives obtain final approval at Schulich Faculty Council.

For further information, please visit the York University Quality Assurance website.