Some instructors are using asynchronous videos to present content prior to their lectures to better understand where students need more attention based on analytics and feedback. This can be accomplished through the use of Echo360, a video platform that can make asynchronous videos more engaging for students. While watching lectures on Echo360, students can take notes, ask & respond to questions, answer polls, and flag confusing segments. Even better, Echo360 tracks all of this data for you to review.

When you upload a video to Echo360, you can use the analytics page to quickly review student engagement for your videos, which may give you an idea about video views, participation in your interactive activities, how many confusion flags were enabled and more! In fact, Echo360 compiles data for a large variety of metrics that you can view on both a per-class basis and a per-student basis. This data can also be exported to an Excel file for a more detailed view. 

If you would like to learn more about how you can use Echo360’s analytics to take your course to the next level, you can visit the following guide.

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