Other schools at York University have reported several instances of “Zoom bombing”, where uninvited individuals are joining Zoom meetings and sharing inappropriate content or acting otherwise disruptive. While we have not yet received any reports of Zoom bombing at Schulich this semester, you may wish to review updated Zoom security recommendations from the IS&T department to reduce the chances of this happening during your lectures.

Adding Security to Your Zoom Meeting

To optimize the security of your Zoom meeting, it is important to set up your meetings so that only Passport York authenticated users can join, preventing anyone without a Passport York ID from accessing your meeting. The setting can be found when creating or editing your meeting in the Meeting Options area. You can learn more about this (including how to allow a non-YorkU individual into an authenticated meeting) in Part C of this guide.

Addressing Disruptive Attendees

Should any disruptions occur during class, it is important to address them as quickly as possible. When you’re in a Zoom meeting, there is a Security button in the toolbar that you should familiarize yourself with. Once you click the button, you can regulate security with features that allow you to prevent students from sharing their screen, disable the chat, and you can even kick someone out of the meeting using the “Remove Participant” option. For more details on how to handle different types of intrusions, review Part D of this guide.

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