T&L Newsletter | June 2021
Schulich T&L Newsletter

Dear Colleagues,

Welcome to the June Edition of the Schulich Teaching and Learning Newsletter. As we approach the Fall 2021 term, the CITE office has created a set of resources to help instructors plan and prepare for teaching in the HyFlex classrooms (for those courses scheduled for an in-person return).

Further to that, training sessions will continue to be held over the summer for teaching in the remote environment, so please do consider attending as these have been updated to reflect newer tools and features. We encourage you to explore the many resources available within this newsletter and on the T&L site to help guide and inspire your academic endeavours within this shifting landscape. 

If at any point you require further assistance, reach out at CITE@schulich.yorku.ca.

Featured T&L Posts

Schulich Online Course Design Guide
Further enhance your remote / online course delivery for upcoming terms. Browse the course design checklist by category to review key design standards and considerations for creating an effective remote learning environment.

Designing Quantitative Questions for Online Assessments
Design your quantitative questions with variation opportunities in mind while maintaining key Learning Outcomes. Build in new variables and scenarios to keep assessments current and strengthen academic honesty. Review some examples for inspiration!

Going Deeper with Online Assessments
Assessment is a key component of any curriculum design and serves to drive student learning. With a deeper understanding of assessment concepts and principles, you can minimize academic honesty concerns while assessing student achievement of your learning outcomes.

Popular Learning Tools

Echo360: Sharing Interactive Videos
Echo360 is an interactive educational video platform integrated into Canvas. Learn more about how it can be used to actively engage students with your video content.

TurnItIn: Promoting Academic Integrity
Use TurnItIn as an enforcement tool or a learning tool as it flags and highlights similarities between submitted content. Depending on your assignment configuration, TurnItIn can deter collaboration and allow students to practice and refine their citation skills before submitting a final assignment.

Customizing the Look and Feel of Your Course
Use ‘Design Tools’ in Canvas to create and style the content of your course pages, assignments, announcements, syllabus, discussion descriptions, and quiz descriptions. You can also enhance module navigation to improve a student’s Canvas course experience. With Design Tools, you can be creative when creating and editing content.

Browse Schulich’s full portfolio of Learning Tools.

Learning Tools: Quick Tips

Maximizing Your Canvas Storage with Echo360
Each of your courses has approximately 3 GB of space to upload videos and files. If you upload lecture recordings, you may require more space over the course of a semester. To access more storage space on Canvas, upload your videos to Echo360. Echo360 is a tool available in Canvas that allows you to upload unlimited videos to your course!

Using Question Groups to Randomize Quiz Content
When administering a quiz in Canvas, you can use Question Groups to create pools of questions, and specify the number of questions for Canvas to randomly choose from.

Allowing Students to Select Their Breakout Rooms
Use Breakout Rooms in Zoom to allow collaboration and small-group discussions in classes. With a recent update to Zoom, the meeting participants can now select which room they would like to join. This feature also allows participants to move freely among Breakout Rooms.

Access the full portfolio of Canvas Quick Tips.

Upcoming T&L Events

Join Training Sessions, SCTE Webinars, Workshops, and Events!

Teaching in Remote & HyFlex Learning Environment
Dates: P1. Aug 2 | P2. Aug 10 | P3. Aug 16 | P4. Aug 24
The CITE Office is transforming its training series over the Summer to include teaching in the HyFlex learning environment and asynchronous activities, in addition to live training sessions. This course will provide asynchronous opportunities to practice alongside video walk throughs. Register now for upcoming live sessions in August!

Teaching Online / Remotely Q&A Drop-In Sessions
Session Dates: Every Tues, 10-11 a.m. & Fri, 1-2 p.m.
The CITE office is updating their weekly educational technology drop-in sessions to focus on a new theme / common questions instructors have at that point in the term. Upcoming sessions will focus on assessments; how to set up Canvas assignments, optimizing Canvas quizzes, and randomizing with question groups. In addition to our themed content, you may still bring any questions about the educational technology at Schulich.

Elevating Asynchronous Content with Echo360
Next Session: July 07, 2021 at 10:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.
Join the upcoming training on Echo360, an educational video platform that supports the creation of interactive asynchronous content. Discover how you can use Echo360 to host, create, and edit videos as well as add interactive activities and monitor participation. If unable to attend, review features in our two-part Echo360 Quickstart Guide.
Part 1: Echo360 Basics | Part 2: Adding Interactivity and Reviewing Student Participation with Echo360

Creating and Enhancing Asynchronous Content
Session Dates: Session 1 – July TBD | Session 2 – July TBD at 12:00pm to 1:30pm
Join upcoming SCTE webinars on creating asynchronous activities and video content. In session one, Schulich instructors will review a variety of tools they’re using to create asynchronous content that goes beyond readings and recordings. Session two will focus on using Echo360 to create asynchronous content that is student-centric, interactive, and offers easy-to-use participation analytics.

View all T&L Events for upcoming events, workshops, webinars, and Canvas training offerings.