TurnItIn is an academic integrity support tool that flags content in student submissions that is similar to content in TurnItIn’s database.

Student submissions are compared to a collection of internet, academic and student paper content. An originality report summarized with a percentage similarity score (see image) is generated for each student submissions.

Instructors and students can review highlighted similarities between student submissions and existing text. Setting up and reviewing TurnItIn assignments are both done directly in Canvas.

Below is an example of an originality report wherein sentences similar to those found in TurnItIn’s database of student submissions or on the web are highlighted.

Gradebook column showing percentage scores and a colour-coded similarity score
Screenshot of TurnItIn's similarity report showing a student's highlighted submission and links to where the highlighting options are similar to existing text.

Instructors can choose whether students can see their originality report immediately upon submission, after the submission is marked, or never.

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