Course Materials

  • All course materials are accessible online regardless of student location.

  • Copyright permissions have been obtained and credited where necessary.

Tips & Considerations

  • Students will be accessing the course materials from around the globe. Ask your students located abroad to check that they have access to all posted materials ahead of time to avoid any last minute situations.
  • Become familiar with York’s copyright requirements. Before course content is posted to Canvas, ensure that it is copyright compliant. All instructors are urged to utilize the services of York’s Copyright Support Office’s Reading List/Syllabus Review Service. Email your reading list (including any links shared via Canvas) and syllabus with full citations (including the page range of the item, if applicable) to and they will negotiate copyright clearance for items that exceed York’s current licences. For details, see the initial link above.
  • Check in with your program director to make sure that the way you use Canvas to share course materials (e.g., where readings and slides are posted, etc.) is consistent with how others in the program do these things.