Course Administration

  • Course records, including an updated syllabus, instructor-student communications, assessment submissions, etc, are all available in Canvas.

  • The course syllabus is ready to be posted at least one week in advance of the course.

  • The use of Canvas in this course (e.g., where announcements are posted, where course materials can be found, etc.) is generally consistent with other courses in the program.

Tips & Considerations

  • Review YorkU’s Faculty Guidelines for Safe Use of Technology while Working Remotely.
  • Ensure your course outline is ready to go at least one week before the semester starts so that students can be aware of course contents and requirements in advance and they have time to prepare. Learn more about Schulich’s Course Publishing Process.
  • Schulich is currently working with the University to clarify identity verification processes for the Summer term. More information will be shared once available.
  • Encourage students to submit assignments through Canvas rather than through email. This ensures that all course related documents are available in one place and there is a record of activity.
  • Check with your program director to make sure that the way you use Canvas to manage the course is consistent with how others in the program are using it.