Student Affairs Committee

Purpose & Responsibilities

  1. To pass judgment on student petitions for relief from one or more of the academic rules and regulations of the Schulich School of Business.
  2. To pass judgment on breaches of academic honesty within the Schulich School of Business.
  3. To discuss and make recommendations for the prevention of breaches of academic honesty and the improvement of programs or procedures at the Schulich School of Business.
  4. The Committee provides, in its year-end report, statistics on the types and number of petitions processed (by program) at both the administrative and Committee level. The year- end report also contains recommendations for further improvements in programs, policies or procedures, based on the Committee’s experience.

Please see the following link if you require more information on petitions and appeals or would like to submit a petition or an appeal: Student Services — Appeals

Student Affairs Committee Mandate

For Senate-level information on SAC, please see the following links:

Chair and Support Staff

  • Chair: Prof. Henry Kim
  • Support: Audaisha Franks


By call of the chair; for meeting packages please see here (authorization required).