Instructor Ashley Konson provides a walkthrough of the remote course experience in MKTG 5200 Marketing Management. Ashley navigates through the course from the student’s perspective, highlighting synchronous and asynchronous activities, interactive course modules, and opportunities for community building throughout.

Video Transcript

Welcome to MKTG 5200, Marketing Management, a master’s level course. My name is Ashley Konson and I’m the President and Managing Partner of Global Brand Leaders, located in Toronto, Canada and a marketing instructor at York University’s Schulich School of Business. My passion is helping my clients and students discover and apply cutting-edge thinking and the best practices of brand leaders from around the globe for growing brands and businesses. Let’s explore MKTG 5200, available on Canvas.

Canvas is our Learning Management System at Schulich School of Business. It is the portal to every course you take here at Schulich. In the course Syllabus you’ll find an overview of the course details, including the learning outcomes. You will understand why marketing is such a powerful and compelling managerial philosophy for marketplace success, become familiar with the roles, tasks and activities of marketing organizations, and develop a knowledge of marketing science and the best practices of leading marketers from around the globe. The syllabus also covers an overview of assignment instructions and details, course topics and work to be completed each week.

MKTG 5200 is a blended course where approximately 50% of your learning is asynchronous, and the other 50% is synchronous. ‘Asynchronous’ learning happens at the student’s own pace during the week, in preparation for weekly class sessions. Here we see the weekly course modules which list everything you need for that week. Students may be required to read chapters from the course textbook and other curated readings, view videos on the topic for the week, complete a short multiple-choice quiz, and engage in conversations on the discussion board.

In addition to the multiple choice quizzes, assessments in this course also include an individual assignment where you undertake a market analysis, a group project presentation of a marketing plan for a new brand you are introducing to the Canadian market and the quality of your contributions to the weekly discussion boards and during our ‘synchronous’ online Zoom classes.

‘Synchronous’ learning occurs when we meet to discuss topics in real-time over Zoom. Here you’ll see a list of links to weekly class sessions where we meet for approximately two-hours at a time. You can access these live online Zoom sessions directly from Canvas. They include mini-lectures, small group discussions using the excellent Zoom “break-out room” feature, and large-group discussions to further deepen your comprehension of the week’s topic. Twice each semester, senior marketing executives are invited from various industries to deliver guest lectures that further enrich the learning experience by grounding course learning in the realities of today’s dynamic marketplace. Your participation in these synchronous sessions is important not only for building understanding of the course content, but it also helps us get to know each other as we would in a face-to-face setting.

Another way we can get to know each other is the ‘Profile’ page on Canvas. Each semester I ask students to add their photo and personal profile to Canvas so I can quickly learn about their professional backgrounds, prior education and aspirations for the future. It’s a powerful tool that allows us to have more personal, tailored interactions when connecting over Zoom. I enjoy creating many opportunities for students and myself to get to know each other during each term.

Whether it is helping students to prepare for assignments, providing additional feedback and perspective on graded assignments, or providing my counsel regarding their career aspirations, I find every discussion to be a wonderful opportunity for personal learning and growth, both for my students and myself. I look forward to meeting you in my Marketing Management course and hope you will find your learning experience at Schulich to be both valuable and enjoyable! See you soon!

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