T&L Newsletter | October 2022
Schulich T&L Newsletter

Instructors are now well into their first full term back. We’re seeing a lot of excitement to be back on campus. We are also seeing instructors bringing the lessons they have learned from teaching online into the classroom, for example, allowing students to complete assessments on their laptops. Schulich’s learning tools continue to evolve. Canvas’ new comment library allows instructors to save and re-apply feedback across assignments and courses. The CITE office continues to collaborate with the SCTE and the Schulich community to offer training and workshops for instructors, including the upcoming workshop on Creating Diverse, Equitable and Welcoming Learning Environments offered by the Committee for Equity and Community.

Our hope is that this newsletter provides you with resources and support to help guide and inspire your teaching through the rest of the term and beyond.

If at any point you require further assistance, reach out at CITE@schulich.yorku.ca).

Featured T&L Posts

New Canvas Feature: Speedgrader Comment Library
Canvas has added a new feature to the Canvas SpeedGrader that will make the grading process more efficient.  The new comment library tool allows instructors to save and repurpose their feedback in the Speedgrader.  Instructors can access their comment library across all their courses, making it easier than ever to provide students with consistent and detailed feedback across multiple sections. 

Resolving Discrepancies in Student Gradebook
Have you ever had a student reach out to let you know that their total grade in Canvas doesn’t match what you’re seeing in the instructor gradebook? This guide will show you how to view total grades as they appear to students in Canvas and share how you can use this information to identify and resolve discrepancies that arise between the instructor and student gradebooks. 

John Peace Part-Time Faculty Teaching Award
The School is proud to highlight the winner of the 2021-2022 John Peace Part-Time Faculty Teaching Award, Wissam Al-Hussaini.  Thank you to all nominees for your continued dedication to our School and to our students!

Learning Tool Updates

Printing Canvas Quizzes
For instructors who are running computer-based assessments and would like to have a printed copy of their Canvas quiz, there’s now a way for to print quizzes from the New Quizzes tool.  

Setting Up Group Assignments
Setting up a group assignment in Canvas provides students with an online portal that makes it easier for student groups to collaborate and share materials in Canvas while also making it easier for instructors to review and assign grades to all group members.  

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Upcoming T&L Events

Join Training Sessions, SCTE Webinars, Workshops, and Events!

SCTE Workshop: Creating Diverse, Equitable and Welcoming Learning Environments in Business Education
Session Date: Nov 4, 2022
his workshop will explore, collaboratively with participants, best practice on nurturing and facilitating diversity in the classroom.  It will also facilitate valuable conversations on equity and inclusiveness and equip participants with the necessary tools to create welcoming learning spaces for all students.

Teaching at Schulich Q&A Drop-In Sessions
Session Dates: Every Tues, 10-11 a.m. & Fri, 1-2 p.m.
Bring any educational technology questions to the weekly drop-in sessions. A member of our CITE team will be available to assist!

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