Dean Detlev Zwick (former Associate Dean Academic) discusses how innovative teaching and course design at Schulich are helping to prepare the next generation of business leaders.

Video Transcript

I’m Detlev Zwick, Associate Dean, Academic and Associate Professor of Marketing. Please take a few minutes to review our Teaching and Learning site highlighting innovative course design at Schulich and see the exciting things that our faculty are doing in the classroom.

At Schulich we know that courses require continuous improvement to reflect the constant change and increasing complexity of today’s world. We innovate to incorporate cutting edge research and practice, new ideas and methods at the forefront of each discipline, and the latest and most effective pedagogies. Innovating a course can mean a few different things. It can be as simple as changing an assignment, for example allowing students to submit their work in video format, or adding a real-world business case, or shifting some of the course material online so that in-class time can be better devoted to discussion and practice. I encourage students to visit the site to learn more about what makes the Schulich classroom experience truly unique. Meet some of innovative faculty as well as Schulich’s course design team, and check out the many exciting projects underway.

At Schulich we are all about delivering authentic and engaging learning experiences. We always try to find new and better ways to challenge our students to become better thinkers, problem-solvers and learners and we do this by challenging ourselves to always build better, more engaging and more relevant courses. It’s how together we create the next generation of innovative business leaders.

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