With the switch to Canvas, we’ve found that admins and instructors are having to now keep course content up to date in both the course outline and the Canvas course. To eliminate this repetitive work, we’ve extended Canvas so that a Schulich course outline can be generated from Canvas.

The syllabus page in Canvas will present all course basics drawn from across the course site on one page. Instructors can easily import their courses from a previous semester, make any necessary changes and generate a hard copy course outline.

Put another way, instructors can now build out their courses in Canvas and when they are done export a Schulich course outline.

W2020 Roadmap

Here’s where we’ll be focusing our efforts in the coming semester.

  • Getting instructors and admins comfortable with the new course outline
  • Allowing instructors to have more control over formatting and which details appear in the syllabus
  • Ensuring syllabus is automatically updated as the course is assembled
  • Adding support for multiple instructors and cross-listed courses

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