Online quizzes, whether used in or out of the classroom, allow students to actively engage with course material and outcomes and receive feedback. Canvas Quizzes allow instructors to deliver polls, surveys and assessments via their course web sites. Quizzes can be used for quick understanding checks, to provide students an opportunity to practice concepts they’ve recently learned to determine where further study is needed, and to deliver graded, summative assessments.

Canvas quizzes offer a number of question types including multiple choice / answer, true/fasle, fill-in-the-blanks, Likert scale, matching, numerical answer, formula, essay and file upload.

Instructors can access a summary of quiz responses, showing a question by question breakdown bar graph.

Using Respondus LockDown Browser, instructors can make quizzes more secure by limiting students’ access to the internet and their local file systems. For example, instructors have used LockDown Browser to deliver midterms via Canvas Quizzes.

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