At Schulich we use Canvas to support student-centred, inclusive and accessible learning experiences that allow students to actively engage with the instructor, course content and each other. Canvas is a market-leading Learning Management System used at schools across North America and Europe.

All undergraduate, graduate, PhD and executive degree program courses are now being delivered via Canvas. Now that everybody is “on” Canvas we continue working with instructors and admins to improve day-to-day administrative tasks and begin integrating quizzes, discussion forums and other interactive tools, where appropriate, to complement the face-to-face portion of Schulich classes.

W2020 Roadmap

Here’s where we’ll be focusing our efforts in the coming semester.

  • Improving grade export feature
  • Making it easier to quickly edit course dates
  • Adding support for interactive video
  • Adding support for secure computer-based assessment
  • Sharing examples of innovative use of Canvas

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Canvas Testimonials

Reflections from Piloting Instructors

I first tried Canvas this term for my MBA elective which has a class size of 45 and lots of experiential and team work. I was worried that the technology would be cumbersome for me and that students would feel it added totheir workload. What I’ve found is that:

  1. class content is easy to organize
  2. students find the system intuitive
  3. it’s easy to manage student teams
  4. sending class announcements is a breeze
  5. posting grading feedback is much more streamlined

And… no, I am not being paid to provide this testimonial. :- )

Prof Ellen Auster Ellen Auster, Professor of Strategic Management; Executive Director, York Change Leadership (YCL)

My favorite features:

  1. “Paper” management, especially for submitting and returning assignments (even between classes)
  2. Grading short assignments: good screen layout and tools
  3. Setting up student groups and communicating with them (a student is not limited to one group/term)
  4. Appointment scheduler for meetings with individuals or groups: you set the slots, let students fill them
  5. Capacity to accommodate and organize various teaching materials and media

Professor Stephen Weiss Steve Weiss, Associate Professor of Strategic Management/Policy and International Business