Event Date Start - End Time Location Capacity Availability
April 05  2022 2:00 pm - 3:15 pm     https://yorku.zoom.us/j/91797153476 --- ---

Event Overview

This is a 75-minute session on setting up your course on Canvas.

The agenda for this session includes:

Canvas Tour

  • Signing into Canvas
  • Navigating Canvas
  • Updating your profile and notification settings
  • Navigating a Canvas course

Adding & Updating Course Content

  • Adding files, links, or other content to your course
  • Making changes to overview pages and assignments
  • Designing your course with accessibility in mind
  • Updating the course syllabus
  • Viewing your class list and student photos

Scheduling Zoom Meetings in Canvas

  • Accessing your York University Zoom account
  • Scheduling Zoom meetings in Canvas

If you have questions about this session or ideas for future sessions, please submit them to https://itmedic.schulich.yorku.ca/servicePortal.

See you at the session!

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