Event Date Start - End Time Location Capacity Availability
August 24  2020 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm     Via Zoom --- ---
August 25  2020 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm     Via Zoom --- ---
August 26  2020 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm     Via Zoom --- ---
August 27  2020 12:00 pm - 1:30 pm     Via Zoom --- ---

Event Overview

This next series of four SCTE webinars will be focused on Preparing to Teach Online in Fall 2020, and will cover the following topics:

August 24
SESSION 1 – “Teaching Your First Zoom Class:  Preliminary Preparations, First Impressions, Procedural Ground-Rules and Managing Classroom Participation” 
(Peter Macdonald and Lisa Endersby)This webinar will provide a practical overview of important steps that should be taken to properly prepare for and deliver your first Zoom class at Schulich.  Discussion topics and interactive exercises will address:  (i) Preliminary Preparations (scheduling Zoom classes on Canvas and related considerations); (ii) First Impressions (setting-up your home studio, presenting professionally and creating a welcoming classroom environment); (iii) Procedural Ground-Rules (video-cameras, communication tools and student etiquette); and (iv) Managing Classroom Participation (practical tips and effective techniques).
August 25
SESSION 2 – “Managing Synchronous Online Classes:  Practical Tips to Overcome Common Challenges and Enhance Student Engagement” 
(Peter Macdonald, Wissam Al-Hussaini and Markus Giesler)This webinar will feature two highly-regarded Schulich professors who have thrived in our current remote-teaching environment and gained considerable experience creating new and effective ways to engage students in an online context.  Discussion topics and demonstrations will include:  practical technology issues, gauging “student pulse” online, “discussion tab” applications, polling, “break-out rooms”, white-boarding, screen-sharing and other fun ways to enhance student learning.
August 26
SESSION 3 – “Asynchronous versus Synchronous Course Delivery: Optimal Balances to Achieve Targeted Learning Outcomes” 
(Peter Macdonald, Ashley Konson and Mike Valente)This webinar will feature two award-winning Schulich professors who have implemented various approaches to asynchronous and synchronous course delivery in the Spring and Summer of 2020.  Each of our speakers will reflect upon the approaches and balances that have been most effective in achieving their course-specific learning objectives, and discuss lessons learned from their experiences based on relevant student feedback.
August 27
SESSION 4 – “Assessing Remote Learning:  Online Evaluations, Student Communications, Grading and Feedback” 

(Peter Macdonald, Alex Fisher, Hila Koren-Cohen and Linda Lakats)

This webinar will be comprised of a moderated, interactive panel discussion amongst three award-winning Schulich professors who have been at the forefront of successfully implementing various online assessments and evaluations in their Spring and Summer 2020 courses.  Discussion topics will include:  (i) Designing Online Evaluations (evaluation formats, question types, frequency/weighting of evaluations and academic integrity); (ii) Student Communications (technological preparation, submission guidelines and “time-on-task” expectations for open-book assignments with lengthy completion-times); and (iii) Grading and Feedback (practical strategies to maximize student feedback, while keeping grading workloads at a manageable level).