SCTE Webinar Series | May 29, 2020

In the first of three SCTE virtual panel discussions, our panelists share practical challenges they have been facing in the online teaching environment and the effective solutions they have identified and implemented to address some of those challenges. Below is a brief summary of the presentation topics and some key take-aways from the presenters. To view any or all of these sessions, please visit the related SCTE Sharepoint page to access the full Zoom recordings.

Markus GieslerAssociate Professor of Marketing 
Dean Neu Professor of Accounting
Joelle Pokrajac – Instructor of Accounting
Ushnish Sengupta – Instructor of Operations Management & Information Systems
Supinder Babra – Instructor of Accounting

Practical Technology Issues, Gauging “Student Pulse” Online, and Engagement

Markus Giesler | May 29, 2020 | View Zoom Recording

Markus Giesler presents his model of the four key experiential dimensions (technology, time, space, social) in online teaching.  He examines how asynchronous activity can inform and nurture the synchronous learning environment.

“I discovered that synchronous delivery is really dependent on a strong foundation of asynchronous elements such as videos, group discussion, some form of case analysis or pre-recording.” – Markus Giesler

Using Virtual Technologies in a Non-Intrusive and Linguistically-Sensitive Manner

Dean Neu | May 29, 2020| View Zoom Recording

Dean Neu prepared an excellent video regarding some of the challenges and successes he has experienced with remote-teaching. Not only does this video embody the value of asynchronous course delivery in conjunction with synchronous delivery, but he raises several insightful points that serve as a thought-provoking introduction to his presentation.

“It’s about offering people who are worried about their language skills multiple ways of communicating and participating and building up over the course of the term so that everyone feels included and able to participate.” – Dean Neu

Improving Student Participation with Break-Out Room Exercises, Presentations and Polling

Joelle Pokrajac | May 29, 2020| View Zoom Recording

Joelle teaches two full-day online weekend classes and discusses her best practices for dealing with fatigue as well as maintaining engagement and participation throughout the day.

“What we’ve done in this course because it’s a full day is use breakout rooms constantly … the students actually came back to me and said, ‘Wow, like that was phenomenal!’ ” – Joelle Pokrajac

Effective Interactive Case Study Formats and Managing High-Volume Chats

Ushnish Sengupta | May 29, 2020| View Zoom Recording

Ushnish Sengupta talks about how he blends synchronous and asynchronous delivery to generate a high level of discussion nd interaction, and how he deals with the large volume of chat comments during class.

“I have missed the occasional comment/question intended for me in the chat, but I always take it up as part of the next class after reviewing the chat log.” – Ushnish Sengupta

Delivering Lectures Using Dual Screens, Virtual Backgrounds, and Achieving Balanced Class Participation

Supinder Babra | May 29, 2020| View Zoom Recording

This final segment discusses the challenges of classroom management and how the use of technology, such as using multiple screens, have enabled Supinder Babra to deliver effective classes and balance the many moving parts in class participation.

“I don’t consider virtual backgrounds as a gimmick anymore. I use a different background for every class, and it becomes a talking point, an ice-breaker, and I ask the students to share theirs. It allows students to develop that collaborative sort of environment that we normally have when they’re together. It brings them together, talking about common things.” – Supinder Babra