It’s a challenge to bring active learning into the classroom, particularly in large classes being delivered at a distance. Polling allows instructors to capture and share student responses during or between lectures.  Instructors can prepare poll questions in advance, present them when they choose and choose whether or not to share the results with the class.

Polls are a great engagement tool and can also add real value to your discussions. The students and I liked them a lot. You should set them up ahead of time in Zoom (for the scheduled meeting/class). A poll has two elements: the question/problem and the possible responses. Once set up, it’s easy to release the polls during your class. I would recommend to err on the side of too many polls. You can always decide not to use them. Overall, great tool for instant feedback and engagement.

Dr. Ingo Holzinger

Distinguished Adjunct Professor; Director, Strategy Field Study; Coordinator, Skills for Leadership