Event Date Start - End Time Location Capacity Availability
Jun 05  2020 12:00 pm - 1:15 pm     Via Zoom --- ---

Event Overview

The SCTE presents the second panel discussion: Online Evaluations: Reflections on Assessment Approaches adopted by Schulich Faculty in Winter/Spring 2020 (Part I), in a series of three sessions designed to facilitate sharing and learning amongst Schulich faculty about our remote-teaching experiences in late Winter and early Spring 2020.

Alex Fisher – Insructor of Accounting
Long-Duration, Open-Book, Take-Home Assessment using Textbook Software
(assessment format, randomizing question pools, set-up time, preparatory student communication, and pre-programmed “honour statement”)
Hila Koren Cohen – Instructor of Operations Management & Information Systems
Remotely-Proctored, Short-Duration, Scheduled Open-Book Exam on Canvas
(exam format, student preparation via prior classroom quizzes, communicating technology protocols, system-testing prior to implementation, and remote-proctoring / creative Respondus applications)
Linda Lakats – Instructor of Operations Management & Information Systems
Time-Limited, Blended, Open-Book Exam on Canvas for Small Scale Courses
(exam format, nature of student preparation, partially-proctored process, maintaining integrity of test materials, assessment design to encourage tarteted student behaviour, including use of Turnitin)

All sessions in this series have been, and will be, recorded for subsequent viewing by interested faculty members. If you would like to view any or all of these sessions, please visit the related SCTE Sharepoint page to access the full Zoom recordings. We hope that these sessions will be helpful for you in preparing to teach your first Zoom classes, and beyond.