If an instructor is teaching a course with multiple sections, they have the option to combine sections into a multi-section course on Canvas. This allows instructors and admins to deploy, maintain and update course content into for multiple sections. This can be done by using either Cross-Listed Courses or Blueprint Courses.

Cross-Listed Courses can be used when multiple sections share the exact same content. When you Cross-List a course, the only changes that can be made are to assignment due dates and announcements. Cross-Listed Courses can be good if an instructor teaches multiple sections with the same course content.

Blueprint Courses can be used for instructors that are interested in multi-section courses but would like more control over each section. A Blueprint Course is a special type of course that serves as a template for other courses and enables instructors to push out content and settings to ‘children’ courses. Depending on the settings within the Blueprint Course (template), courses can be locked or unlocked for editing. Blueprint Courses are a good option for courses with multiple sections taught by different instructors.

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