At Schulich, faculty are encouraged to collect interim feedback on their courses in order to learn what is working well, and to gain insights and ideas about possible improvements or innovations, while allowing time to make adjustments during the current term. In fact, the opportunity to provide feedback is expected by our Schulich students.

There are two different ways to provide students with interim participation marks:

A. Create an Interim Participation assignment that doesn’t count towards the final grade

1. The first step is to add a new assignment to your course’s Class Participation assignment group by clicking the plus button.

2. Next, name your assignment and assign its respective number of points. If your participation assignment is worth 20% of the grade, you can assign 10 points to the Interim Participation assignment to reflect the students’ grade half-way through the term, or you can assign 20 points to hint at what the student’s participation mark is headed for. Click More Options.

3. Scroll down and check the box that reads “Do not count this assignment towards the final grade”, so that the Interim Participation grades don’t affect the final grades.

B. Create an Interim Participation assignment that reflects participation in the first half of the term, with the original participation assignment reflecting participation in the second half of the term.

When adding the Interim Participation assignment to the Class Participation assignment group (see Step 1 from Part A), give the assignment half the weighting of its assignment group so that it can reflect the student’s participation grade for the first half of the term, i.e., if Class Participation is 20% of the grade, then each Class Participation assignment would be assigned 10 points. You should now have two participation assignments in your course, with each assignment reflecting its respective half of the term and counting towards the final grade.