Event Date Start - End Time Location Capacity Availability
April 01  2021 12:00 pm - 2:30 pm     Via Zoom --- ---

Event Overview

These workshops will focus on pedagogy and will provide opportunities for Schulich instructors to refine their remote-teaching skills in a customized, interactive, small-group setting involving up to 3 faculty members and two group-facilitators.  Each participating faculty member will design and deliver a 15-minute “mini-lecture” using one or more synchronous remote-teaching  processes of their choice , and will then receive constructive small-group  feedback regarding their online delivery (from a student-focused, pedagogical perspective), together with a video-recording of their presentation and related feedback discussions.
Examples of synchronous remote-teaching skills that could be refined through this workshop might include:

  • enhancing and managing student participation on Zoom;
  • effective use of PowerPoint slides in an online environment;
  • using “break-out” rooms to facilitate experiential learning and interpersonal classroom communication;
  • conducting “polls” to seek student input and address online fatigue;
  • managing “screen-share” and “dual screen” functions to balance content delivery and student engagement;
  • using “whiteboards” to demonstrate numerical calculations and take-up assignments; and
  • conducting case simulations and other interactive exercises in an online environment.
These workshops may also be used to engage in one-on-one consultations about any teaching-related issue, concern or learning objective/activity you would like to discuss or explore in detail (including online assessment strategies and grading practices, using an appropriate blend of asynchronous / synchronous pedagogy to achieve your course learning objectives, and other questions you may have in relation to your personal teaching style).
What to expect:

  • Each participating faculty member will design and deliver a 15-minute “mini-lecture” using one synchronous remote-teaching  process of their choice, and/or engage in one-on-one consultations about their teaching-related questions and concerns.
  • Each faculty member will then receive constructive written and verbal feedback on their online delivery (from a student-focused, pedagogical perspective).
  • Please come to our workshop prepared to:
    • deliver your “mini-lecture” in the manner described above; and/or
    • provide a list of the questions/concerns and/or a description of a learning objective or activity that you would like to discuss in relation to your online teaching.

The workshop will be co-facilitated by Thomas Medcof, Interim Director of Schulich’s Centre Teaching Excellence, and Lisa Endersby, Educational Developer with York University’s Teaching Commons.

*** The maximum number of participants in this workshop is limited to THREE.  Registration will be on a first-come, first served basis.  If demand exceeds this number you will be placed on a wait-list and will be advised of cancellations or when the next workshop is scheduled.  Alternatively, if you have registered and feel that you will no longer be able to attend, kindly notify us at your earliest convenience, so that we can offer the space to another faculty member on the wait-list.