T&L Newsletter | August 2020
Introducing the New
Schulich T&L Newsletter!
Introducing the New
Schulich T&L Newsletter!
Dear Colleagues,

Welcome to the inaugural edition of the Schulich Teaching & Learning Newsletter! Schulich’s Teaching and Learning team will be circulating monthly updates on exciting developments and initiatives in the teaching and learning realm as well as drawing your attention to important tips and resources that you may find useful.

Traditional course delivery formats at Schulich have been significantly upended as a result of the ongoing COVID pandemic, and the sharing of teaching and learning innovations, best practices, tips and tools has taken on even greater importance. Right now, many of you are working to transition your Fall 2020 courses into an online or remote delivery format, and I encourage you to make use of this newsletter to explore the many resources available to assist you with this process.

Thanks to the efforts of our faculty and staff, there is no shortage of newsworthy T&L items to share this month! Browse the selection of items below, or visit Schulich’s Teaching and Learning site directly to stay up to date on the School’s many exciting new projects and resources. 

– Marcia Annisette, Associate Dean Academic

Featured T&L Posts

Schulich Creates New Open Online Course Focused on Leading Through the Pandemic
Schulich is introducing a first-of-its-kind, inter-disciplinary course offering titled “Leading Through the Pandemic: Insights from Individuals, Organizations, Governments, and Societies.” Learn more about this exciting new offering for Fall 2020 – Winter 2021!

Schulich Online Course Design Guide
Prepare for remote/online course delivery this Fall. Browse the course design checklist by category to review important design standards, tips and considerations for creating an effective remote learning environment.

Insights from Schulich’s Student Online Course Design Consultants
Learn from Schulich students as they share insights, engaging tips and considerations on their remote course experiences to better enhance your online course environment.

Online Course Walkthrough Videos
Follow along as three Schulich instructors navigate through their courses from the student perspective, highlighting synchronous and asynchronous activities, interactive course elements, and opportunities for community building throughout.

SCTE Webinar Recaps, Tips & Takeaways
Learn from your faculty colleagues about their experiences with remote course delivery and what worked for them. View summaries of the recent virtual panel discussions below, or access the full list of Zoom recordings.

John Peace Part-Time Faculty Teaching Award 2019-2020
The School is proud to announce the winners of the John Peace Part-Time Faculty Teaching Award for 2019-2020. Congratulations to Hila Koren Cohen and Linda Lakats!

Making Use of the Often Overlooked Open-Book Exam
While some assessments can transition from the in-person to virtual realm with relatively minor fuss (i.e. presentations over Zoom), quizzes and exams often require more thought to preserve their academic integrity. Learn how to turn a closed-book exam into an open-book format better suited to the remote environment.

Popular Learning Tools

Sharing Interactive Videos with Echo360
Echo360 is an interactive educational video platform integrated into Canvas. Learn more about how it can be used to actively engage students with your video content.

Enabling Small Group Discussion Online Using Breakout Rooms in Zoom
Breakout Rooms can be used to enhance collaboration and facilitate discussion within a class by splitting off students into smaller groups within a Zoom call.

Browse Schulich’s full portfolio of Learning Tools.

Learning Tools: Quick Tips

Canvas Quick Tip: How to Update All Course Dates at Once with the Multi Tool
Need to quickly modify the dates of your Canvas overview pages, assignments, quizzes, and discussions? Rather than updating each individually, save yourself a lot of time and use the Multi-Tool to update all relevant dates and times in one go!

Access the full portfolio of Canvas Quick Tips.

Upcoming T&L Events

Teaching Online: Learning Activities & Assessments
This one-hour session covers assessing learning outcomes through online assignments and activities as well as synchronous and asynchronous activities, student presentations, and more!

Teaching Online / Remotely Q&A Drop-in Sessions
The Schulich IS&T department is hosting weekly drop-in sessions for instructors and staff who have questions about our online learning tools. Join these sessions to ask an expert at Schulich your questions related TO technology you will use to teach online / remotely.

View all T&L Events for upcoming workshops, webinars, and Canvas training offerings.