By Associate Dean Academic, Dr. Detlev Zwick.

The School is proud to announce the winners of the John Peace Part-Time Faculty Teaching Award for 2019-2020. Each year every area is invited to nominate one outstanding part-time faculty member for this award, which is given by the Dean in consultation with Management Committee.

The John Peace Part-Time Faculty Teaching Award was established in honour of John Peace, a part-time instructor at the Schulich School of Business between 1986 and 1996. John had a small law practice in downtown Toronto, focusing on real estate law. He also taught business law and real estate courses at Schulich.

For this year’s award we received a truly amazing set of submissions offering detailed and enthusiastic support for each nominee. The effort that was put into preparing these submissions shows how important it is to the areas to make sure the work of their part-time faculty is recognized. While each area can only nominate one colleague, the John Peace Part-Time Faculty Teaching Award has always been about recognizing the important contributions all our part-time faculty make to the success of this school.

This year, we received six outstanding submissions. Congratulations to nominees Patricia Bradley, Stuart Browne, Greg Pau, Joe Mapa, Linda Lakats, Hila Koren Cohen and Wissam Al-Hussaini.


Hila Koren Cohen

Linda Lakats

For the first time in the history of the award, we received a submission that nominated two part-time instructors – Hila Cohen and Linda Lakats – as a team. There is a very good reason for this tandem nomination. As Rick Irving, OMIS Area Coordinator, explains in his nomination letter:

“I have taken the unusual approach of nominating Hila Cohen and Linda Lakats jointly for the 2019-2020 John Peace Part-Time Faculty Teaching Award. Both have performed tremendous service to OMIS and Schulich in maintaining academic integrity in MGMT 1050 under unusual and challenging circumstances. My joint nomination is based on the fact that they have worked effectively as a team for years and have performed extraordinary service to the OMIS Area and to the Schulich School of Business since 1998 (Linda) and 2005 (Hila) respectively, and particularly during the current Coronavirus pandemic. They arranged for a remotely monitored timed exam for multiple sections of both courses. In addition, they took extraordinary steps to ensure that students were properly informed and supported. They maintained a focus on academic integrity and found a creative way to maintain it. In the end, they ran successful exams, and in doing so, modelled a template for others at Schulich to replicate.”

It was this last point, in particular, that we found so impressive. Hila and Linda have since held workshops to teach others how to conduct large exams remotely while ensuring that students are ready and maintaining academic integrity. In addition, Hila and Linda each taught over 1300 students in the past year, all the while receiving excellent teaching evaluations. A truly remarkable accomplishment.

Congratulations to Hila and Linda for winning this year’s John Peace award.


It is always very difficult to pick one (or in this case, two) winners from a set of extraordinary colleagues. It was especially difficult this year, as each nomination was submitted with the most impressive endorsements and compelling rationales. In addition to Hila and Linda, this year’s nominees include:

Pat Bradley

Joyce Zemans, Co-Director of the Arts, Media & Entertainment Management Program, wrote in her nomination letter for Pat Bradley that “Pat is one of the most exceptional and devoted instructors I have known. Her contribution has not only made AM&E a stronger program for students who are here but has also helped give students a sense of belonging and connection long after they leave the program and enter the workforce. She is a teacher of the very highest caliber.”

Stuart Browne

In the nomination letter for Stuart Browne submitted by Chris Carder and Moren Levesque, Co-directors of Entrepreneurial Studies, we learn that in addition to his excellent teaching, Stuart also donates much of his time volunteering for Schulich events, as a judge for Schulich Startup Night Competition, as a coach and mentor at Schulich’s Startup Founders and as a panelist for CDC events. They write, “And last but not least, when Schulich was looking to help small and medium sized businesses during COVID-19, he worked quickly to help us design and launch the Schulich Pycap COVID-19 Business Support Centre. The launch is helping hundreds of small businesses and created placements for 15 students/graduates.”

Greg Pau

The nomination of Greg Pau also didn’t come as a surprise. He “has been instrumental in teaching finance courses and overseeing 601 projects”, as pointed out by Kee-Hong Bae, FINE Area Coordinator, in his nomination letter. He teaches many of the finance area’s key courses and excels as a faculty advisor for many 601 (Strategy Field Study) projects. He has taught 370 students in the past year alone and received an average teaching score of 6.3, which is truly outstanding.

Joe Mapa

Health Industry Management Program (HIMP) Director Amin Mawani’s nomination letter for Joe Mapa, Executive Director of HIMP, describes Joe as “the principal driver who brings health sector expertise to students with a holistic and integrative learning experience. Joseph fulfils all the criteria for an ideal contract faculty member.” In addition to excellence in teaching, Joe brings world-class leadership to HIMP that aims at the creation of Health Industry Center of Excellence. Joe also volunteers to serve as an advisor on several 601 groups every year “and rarely declines an opportunity to contribute his leadership and strategy experiences to students both in and outside of the HIMP specialization.”

Wissam Al Hussaini

Finally, the nomination letter of Wissam Al Hussaini by the Policy area describes a colleague that in just a short couple of years at Schulich has established himself as a highly valued, trustworthy and appreciated member of the Policy area. Wissam teaches many key courses for Policy as well as versions of MGMT 5150 across several programs. No matter the course or program, he excels in the classroom. Yet, as Tom Wesson points out in his nomination letter, “these excellent teaching evaluations do not begin to tell the whole story of Wissam’s contribution to the Policy Area and Schulich. As I think about Wissam’s contribution as a whole, to me the most striking element of his work is his unwavering commitment to excellence in teaching and his tireless and selfless pursuit of it, not just for himself and his classes, but for all of his colleagues as well. I have never worked with a part-time instructor who was so devoted to contributing to teaching excellence at Schulich.”

As these submissions make abundantly clear, all nominees are truly outstanding contributors to the success of our school. While we could pick only one winner, to receive a nomination by one’s own colleagues is a truly remarkable achievement. Thank you for your continued dedication to our school and to our students, and once more, on behalf of the Dean and the Management Committee, congratulations.