SCTE Webinar Series | November 20, 2020

Peter Macdonald and Lisa Siegel, Instructional Designer, discussed common academic integrity issues that can arise in our online teaching environment, and presented an overview of how to design online assessments while incorporating measures to reduce the occurrence of academic integrity infractions, without the use of remote-proctoring.

Highlights of the discussion included:

  • the differences between online and in-person assessments,
  • designing with learning objectives and academic integrity in mind, and
  • early/frequent communication to set student expectations.

Lisa also identified the practical challenges of online assessment design, suggested solutions and provided examples as follows:

  • comparing online assessments – suggestions where problematic
  • altering questions types and assessment structures to encourage unique answers
  • online Canvas quizzes – set-up tips and considerations

To view this or any of our sessions, please visit the related SCTE Sharepoint page to access the full Zoom recording