Booking Space for a Course

Select and review a brief overview of the Schulich and McEwen classrooms with regards to room capacity, catering friendly rooms, room format, and available electrical outlets. For more information about classroom technology or to submit technology request, please visit the classroom technology site. If you are requesting a room due to rescheduling a class, please also note the policy on class rescheduling.

Booking Space for an Event or Conference

Event bookings pertain to all non-course related bookings (e.g., academic area meetings, speaker series, etc). For further information on events and conferences that you may be considering, please contact Schulich’s Senior Event Planner, Susan Kimberley.

For further information about catering, please contact the Executive Learning front desk at 416-650-8300.

Staff Room Booking Forms

To submit a space request in the Schulich or McEwen buildings, or at the Nadal campus, select the form below and complete as best suits your needs.

Note: The Staff Room Booking Forms are temporarily down.
Submit your request to