Lecture slides, readings, relevant news articles and other course material can be shared via the Modules page in Canvas. By default, there is one module per class week to aid with the organization of course material. Students can access these resources using their computers or smartphones.

Before publishing files, instructors will be prompted to confirm the copyright status. For links to published works including newspaper and journal articles, be sure to use permalinks from the York University Libraries. For all other links be sure to review the terms and conditions of the website before sharing.

Please be sure to send your complete course bibliography (all files and links used in your course) for review to the Copyright Support Office well before the start of each semester.

Readings in Canvas shown organized according to whether they are textbook slides, primary data, secondary analysis or popular press

I organize my course material to create a seamless transition from theory to practice. We move from the textbook into primary data, secondary analysis and current news articles.

Instructor Farrokh Zandi Instructor Farrokh Zandi

Sessional Lecturer, Economics; Associate Director of Undergraduate Programs