T&L Newsletter | November 2020
Schulich T&L Newsletter

Welcome to the November edition of the Schulich Teaching & Learning Newsletter! The Fall 2020 term is almost behind us, and as we prepare to continue with remote delivery in the Winter 2021 term, we would like to welcome back our Online Course Design Consultants & Developers, Azra, Hannia, and Jordan. Our instructors who worked with them to prepare for the Fall semester found their perspectives as Schulich students and skilled users of Canvas and other learning tools extremely valuable. The team can provide consultations to review your course or course elements, help you find the right learning tool or help get your materials loaded to Canvas. Contact the CITE office and we’ll connect you with a consultant or developer. Please see a summary of the latest resources below.

Featured T&L Posts

Preparing for Remote Course Delivery in Winter 2021
The University has communicated an extension of the teaching format for the Fall 2020 term into the Winter 2021 term. To summarize: The default for the Winter term will be remote delivery. There will be very few exceptions. Plan on delivering your course fully remotely in Winter with the help of our CITE team and Schulich Online Course Design Guide.

How Instructors Can Help Manage Student Expectations
Learn from Schulich’s Student Online Course Design Consultants as they share insights, engaging tips and considerations on their remote course experiences to better enhance your online course environment.

Sharing a Course Outline
In response to requests from instructors and admins, we’ve updated Canvas so that any course changes are automatically reflected on the Syllabus, including changes to assignments, modules and pages. You only need to select ‘Update Syllabus’ if you’ve made changes on the Update Syllabus page.

Schulich Online Course Design Guide
Further enhance your remote / online course delivery this Fall. Browse the course design checklist by category to review important design standards, tips and considerations for creating an effective remote learning environment.

Popular Learning Tools

NEW – Loading Echo360 Videos into Canvas Modules
Early in the semester, instructors reported difficulty sharing their videos in their Canvas courses using Echo360. We found that indeed there was a mistake in our configuration preventing users from sharing videos on the modules page. This issue has been resolved and we again encourage instructors to share any videos using Echo360.

Meeting Virtually Using Zoom
Zoom is an easy to use video-conferencing app offering content sharing, real-time collaborative annotation, interactive polling and breakout rooms. Students and instructors may virtually connect from home or the office.

Browse Schulich’s full portfolio of Learning Tools.

Learning Tools: Quick Tips

Using Question Groups to Randomize Quiz Content
When administering a quiz in Canvas, you can use Question Groups to create pools of questions, and specify the number of questions for Canvas to randomly choose from.

Reviewing Student Engagement in Echo360
Some instructors use asynchronous videos to present content prior to their lectures to better understand where students need more attention based on analytics and feedback. Echo360 allows students to take notes, ask & respond to questions, answer polls, and flag confusing segments. Even better, Echo360 tracks all of this data for you to review.

Enhancing Module Navigation
As instructors add more asynchronous elements to their courses, they may find the native Canvas navigation too limiting. Using Design Tools, you can enhance a student’s experience when navigating a course’s modules in Canvas.

Allowing Students to Select Their Breakout Rooms
Configuring users into pre-assigned breakout rooms has been a challenge given the many email addresses our students use to join Zoom classes. With Zoom’s recent update, instructors may now label Breakout Rooms and allow students to select which room they would like to join.

Access the full portfolio of Canvas Quick Tips.

Upcoming T&L Events

Join a Teaching Online Training Session or Workshop: We’ve recently completed re-designing and scheduling our training sessions to prepare for the upcoming Winter term. We have a four-part Teaching Online Series, Drop-In Sessions, as well as SCTE Webinars and Workshops.

Teaching Online / Remotely Q&A Drop-In Sessions
The Schulich IS&T department is hosting weekly drop-in sessions for instructors and staff who have questions about our online learning tools. Join these sessions to ask an expert at Schulich your questions related to technologies you will use when teaching online / remotely.

Part 1 – Teaching Online: Setting Up Your Course on Canvas and Zoom
Learn how to use Canvas to share files, links, and your course syllabus with your class. Learn about the basics on how to use Zoom and set up your course meetings.

Part 2 – Teaching Online: Designing and Delivering Online Lectures
Learn about the different ways you can host course lectures during an online semester. Session will cover real-time lectures, recorded lectures, and the different tools available to create lecture content.

Part 3 – Teaching Online: Learning Activities & Assessments
Learn about the variety of assessments and learning activities you can use in your course during an online semester; Assignments, quizzes, discussions, and interactive Zoom tools.

Part 4 – Teaching Online: Communication, Grading, and Feedback
Learn about encouraging communication and providing feedback during an online course; Messaging in Canvas, grading techniques, using Turnitin, collecting anonymous feedback with Qualtrics.

View all T&L Events for upcoming workshops, webinars, and Canvas training offerings.