The following message is from Marcia Annisette, Associate Dean Academic of Schulich School of Business.

Dear Schulich Faculty and Staff,

With more in-person learning taking place at Schulich and across the broader campus this fall, the University has taken a number of steps to gradually welcome everyone safely back to the campus and the classroom. A great deal of continually evolving information has been distributed to ensure the health and safety of the York community amidst changing public health guidelines, and in an effort to help you stay up-to-date and prepared, below we highlight a selection of these updates and resources specific to teaching and course delivery this term:


1. The President and Provost have issued recent communications on the fall term. Review them here and here. Key points include:

  • In-person classes and on-campus activities will stay remote September 7th -12th to afford more time for our community to provide proof of vaccination, or apply for an exemption and schedule a COVID-19 test. In-person activities will commence on September 13th. The Schulich Student Services team has notified students via email and Canvas. Instructors have been asked to update their course syllabi as needed.
  • The Province of Ontario has amended its rules concerning physical distancing for indoor instructional spaces only at the university, effective September 7, 2021. This new direction allows for flexible capacity limits and requirements for physical distancing in indoor instructional spaces, such as classrooms, libraries and lab spaces, in combination with vaccination and masking requirements. Distancing for non-instructional space remains at 2m.
  • As of September 7th, the University will begin to require proof of vaccination through YU Screen for all who will be attending our campuses this fall. Community members will be required to use the YU Screen tool before coming to campus to: 1) self-screen and 2) upload their proof of vaccination or submit a request for a medical exemption.

An archive of these communications can be accessed here.

2. Guide to Returning to In-Person Course Delivery: The University has prepared a guide for instructors returning to in-person delivery (whether fully in-person or hyflex). It contains a wealth of information related to the classroom and teaching-based activities and spaces, including masking, distancing, and important health and safety protocols.

3. Dealing with Conflict in the Classroom: Please keep in mind that instructors are not responsible for the enforcement of health and safety protocols or distributing separate health and safety materials. Students will be receiving messaging from the Division of Students on this topic. Please do draw your students’ attention to the standardized language in all Schulich course syllabi that includes a statement on health and safety and returning to campus. This statement is designed to help set expectations and remind all participants of the health and safety measures that need to be observed while on campus.

University guidance states that if conflict does arise, it should be resolved as close to the source as possible. I strongly encourage you to review the University’s Resources and Pathways to Support Conflict Resolution (Fall 2021) for guidance. Members of the community are encouraged to address any issues promptly and informally as appropriate and respecting the rights and privacy of all parties. Should informal attempts at resolution be unsuccessful or inappropriate and conflicts continue to persist, please contact for support and advice. York Security Services should only be contacted in situations where there is an immediate threat to personal safety that cannot be resolved through other methods.

Should a student declare that they are ill, please refer them to the COVID-19 Protocol for Self-Disclosure, Screening and Incident Management. This information and more is included in the guide for instructors returning to in-person delivery indicated above.

4. Cleaning of Classroom Spaces and Equipment: Schulich classrooms and their equipment will be cleaned on a daily basis each evening. Each classroom will also contain sanitizer, wipes and masks, available to both instructors and students as needed.  More information on the ventilation of university space can be found here.

7. Training: Please ensure you have completed the Return to Campus Training Module before coming to campus. This course is required of all York employees who will physically return to campus during the stages of re-opening.

6. Contingency Plans for Going Remote: Instructors teaching in the hyflex and in-person formats this term are advised to have contingency plans in place for switching to remote delivery should it be deemed necessary by public health (see Principles to Guide 2021-22 Course Planning).

7. If you haven’t already, please review the Schulich CITE Office’s recent communication on Preparing Your Courses for Fall 2021. It highlights key policies, guidance, and resources to be aware of as you prepare your courses for the term.

Additional Resources: 

More helpful resources are available to address a wide range of questions and concerns about returning to campus. Please take a few minutes to get familiar with them:

Here is list of Schulich contacts that may also be of assistance as you prepare for Fall:

Finally, I thank everyone for their patience and flexibility as the details of the Fall term have gradually solidified over the past few weeks. We continue to marvel at the creativity, dedication and resilience that our Schulich colleagues have demonstrated over the past 18 months as we have adapted and prepared our courses in accordance with continually evolving policies and guidelines, often with short turn-around times and limited resources. Without a doubt there have been many challenges, but our efforts to rise to those challenges have meant that in spite of all the uncertainty we have continued to deliver safe, productive and enjoyable learning experiences for our students – something we can be very proud of.

Wishing everyone a very successful start to the new term,

Marcia Annisette,
Associate Dean Academic