Prior to completing this form, please ensure the following

This process applies to adding staff, other than area support staff, e.g. RA’s, Graders, Accessibility Support Staff, etc., to your courses in Canvas.

  • The CITE team will be solely responsible for adding all support staff Canvas courses.
  • All support staff must have an employee Passport York account in order to be added to Canvas.
  • Student Passport York accounts cannot be used to add student employees to Canvas.
  • Once the employee Passport York account is available, request that the support staff be added to Canvas course by completing this Add to Canvas form.
  • If adding a grader, please obtain prior ADA approval, and attach a pdf copy of the ADA’s approval email to this request.  This form cannot be submitted without the ADA’s approval attached.   How to PDF Outlook email.
  • Please note it is the responsibility of instructors to review Schulich’s Use of Graders policy.