With the exam period fast approaching, here are some quick reminders to assist you in preparation for your final exams.

Accommodation Requests

As we continue through phases of restrictions and with the ongoing pandemic continuing to impact students in a variety of ways, along with religious events occurring during the final exam period, please continue to remain compassionate and generous towards student requests for reasonable accommodation, especially those who are international. If you have received any accommodation requests for which you are uncertain how to respond, please contact the ADA office at ada@schulich.yorku.ca.

Unless you have already obtained approval from the ADAO, please note that remote proctoring is not allowed.

Exam Checklist

Communication with Students

  • Provide clear instructions to students for how to respond in the event of technical issues. They should email you their work immediately and complete the Technical Issues Form. See more details on this process on the T&L Technical Issues Procedure page.
  • Communicate all exam details, including:
    • Contact details during exam (if/when students can contact you during the exam period)
    • Exam length (the time you expect students to be working on the exam)
    • Exam-writing window (start and end time for accessing the exam)
    • Authorized resources allowed or needed during the exam (e.g., calculators, software, textbooks).
  • Clearly indicate that the extra time provided for uploading should not be used to continue writing the exam.

Review of Exam Settings in Canvas

  • Description should include all exam instructions. See the T&L Post Ensuring a Smoother Remote Exam for a visual example. You may also download and edit from the Exam Instructions Template.
  • Verify that any files added to the assignment have been published. Note that images and files uploaded to an assignment or quiz will only display to students if you have indicated the copyright status for the file and published it. Check the ’Files’ tab to make sure all necessary files are published.
  • Submission Type should be set to ‘Online’ and ‘File Upload’ if students are expected to upload a file.
  • Available From date should be the start of the exam window.
  • Due date should be the end of the exam writing window.
  • Until date should be the end of the exam upload window. This is typically 15 minutes after the due date, to allow students time to upload their exam.
  • Verify that any accommodations have been set up. More details here: https://schulich.instructure.com/courses/57/modules/items/123048
  • Turnitin plagiarism review should be enabled if you are using Turnitin for plagiarism detection.

Quiz-Specific Settings

This section only applies to exams using the ‘Canvas Quizzes’ Learning Tool. Note that all the above checks are also necessary when using a quiz.

  • Include a mock exam prior to the scheduled exam. The mock exam should use the same settings and question types as the scheduled assessment. The mock exam mirrors elements of the actual exam, intended to ensure that students meet (or may troubleshoot) any technical requirements for access in advance of completing the actual assessment, and to promote a smooth experience. Ex: Requiring the latest browser / tool update, disabling firewalls, etc. during this testing phase.
  • Use the ‘preview’ feature to run through the exam and verify the Canvas Quiz displays as intended. Depending on how you have set up your Quiz, verifications may include correct / incorrect answer selections, optional feedback display and accurate points awarded on submission, as well as intended display of questions if using a question bank.
  • Review all quiz settings for accuracy and to assist with academic honesty, including:
    • time limit,
    • answer shuffling,
    • whether or not students are allowed multiple attempts,
    • whether or not students can see their answers after the exam

Getting Technical Help

If you require support during your exam, contact Schulich IS&T Helpdesk. The recommended route for emergency help is the chat feature at itmedic.schulich.yorku.ca. You can also reach the Helpdesk at (416) 736-5824.

As always, we are so grateful for your efforts to provide a smooth experience for our students. If you have any questions or concerns, the team at the CITE office are at your disposal to assist wherever they can. For technical setup questions, please open a ticket at itmedic.schulich.yorku.ca. For academic and policy questions, please contact the ADA office.

On that note, good luck to all in ensuring smooth examinations.